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Carcoar Cup – 60km

What a little hidden gem! Upon entering the race, it’s a personal email then phone call from the race director, Andrew, welcoming me then offering accommodation in this small town of 217 people. Amongst the coldest towns in NSW we set off at 7am into the 4 degrees crisp morning. It’s a big contrast to the 36 degrees yesterday in Sydney.


Perfect running conditions I’d say, that is once you regain feeling on your bare arms. It’s a bit of a different type of course I’m used to, a distance in itself I’ve never raced. The first section just seems like I’m climbing up the kosci, exactly what I want to be practicing with coast2kosci in exactly one month. I’m feeling really excited, I always love racing, particularly these community events where you discover the gems of the world. I’m into the groove of things listening to my 7 songs that bring back memories of the HSC and first year uni. The hills mean that state of flow gets temporarily disrupted but I quickly get back into it at the top as I relish the views and the flatness. Going onto lap two of the mini Kosciusko, I’m starting to feel my legs being heavier and my energy fading. It’s about halfway but I don’t know exactly as my Garmin decided to sleep on me from 6.78km. I try to pinpoint my change in state-what has caused it? Perhaps it was me being cautious at dinner with mum last night at this fancy restaurant she wanted to go to that really liked vegetables, butter and cream (not something you want to have in you before running more than 2 hrs). Maybe I didn’t get enough carbs in me because of that? I let it ride out, shuffling along in negativity thinking why am I doing this, why have I signed up for something 4 x this 60km race in a month? My fellow 2010 running buddy, Athene, passes me asking if I’m okay. I nod – there’s nothing wrong with my body, just need to snap out of this. I’m praying to God for guidance, listening to ‘Man of Sorrows’, one of my worship songs and the name is quite fitting really.

Now my debt is paid. It is paid in full. By the precious blood that my Jesus spilled.

I’m so thankful for all of God’s provisions. It’s sometimes challenging, in our culture where discontentment with what we have is encouraged, to not serve money and things.

You’re a Jaguar driver. You just don’t have one… (Jaguar advertisement)

To grow in contentment, it’s important to shift our desires from the swift cars, big houses (although probably already happening naturally in the Sydney market) and latest ‘things’ to an outward and upward focus.

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith. (Proverbs 15:17).

I get to the next drink station, grab some snakes and powerade and ask how far it is. I find out I’m three quarters of the way. Wow! I snap out of it, pick up the pace, loving this flat section and the cool temperature. I’m flying, singing along and cheering on everyone I pass. The final hill doesn’t deter me; it’s 3km over a mountain to be followed by 6km downhill. Weeeeeeee. I finish strongly in 5h and something.  60km. 2nd place. A beautiful run and a lovely sunburn to remember it!

Thanks to Andrew for organizing everything and making this event so special. Beautiful pottery and generous prize money of which I’ve offered to insure my mum for the sunglasses she had stolen at breakfast in Millthorpe on Sunday, and waiver the premium!





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